Colibri 09 presentations

Below you may find the slides for the talks I have given at the Colibri colloquium:

Automating model-based software engineering
David Déharbe (UFRN), Pascal Fontaine (LORIA), Stephan Merz (LORIA), Anamaria Martins Moreira (UFRN), Anderson Santana de Oliveira (UFERSA)

Vérification automatique des systèmes à base de règles avec le narrowing stratégique
Anderson Santana de Oliveira (UFERSA), David Déharbe (UFRN), Pierre-Etienne Moreau (INRIA)


18th International Workshop on Functional and (Constraint) Logic Programming WFLP’09

I am part of the program commitee for WFLP 2009, the 18th International Workshop on Functional and (Constraint) Logic Programming, part of RDP’09 which will take place in Brasilia.

Novo concurso para Ciências da Computação na UFERSA

A Universidade Federal Rural do Semi-Árido, UFERSA, da qual faço parte hoje, abriu inscrições para 5 vagas para professor adjunto com dedicação exclusiva para o curso de Ciências da Computação. O requisito é formação em computação e áreas afins. O diploma de doutorado deve ser apresentado somente no ato da posse, portanto, se você está prestes a defender a tese, esta é uma excelente oportunidade. Um atrativo é o programa de mestrado em cooperação ampla com a Universidade do Estado do Rio Grande do Norte, UERN.

Confira o edital em:

Faculty Position at UFRN, Natal Brazil

The Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte has opened a permanent
Faculty Position in the area of “Integrated Circuits Design”.
Prospective candidates are invited to visit
“” for details about the
application procedure. All information is in Portuguese as this is the
working language in our Institution.

We will be receiving application until November 7th, 2008. Gross
salary starts at BR$6.497,15.

Recent papers

I have participated in two papers that were presented at SecRet 2008:

  • Claude Kirchner, Hélène Kirchner and Anderson Santana de Oliveira – Analysis of Rewrite-Based Access Control Policies

    The rewrite-based approach provides executable specifications for security policies, which can be independently designed, verified, and then anchored on programs using a modular discipline. In this paper, we describe how to perform queries over these rule-based policies in order to increase the trust of the policy author on the correct behavior of the policy. The analysis we provide is founded on the narrowing process, which provides both the necessary abstraction for simulating executions of the policy over access requests and the
    mechanism for solving what-if queries from the security administrator. We illustrate this general approach by the analysis of a firewall system policy.

  • Horatiu Cirstea, Pierre-Etienne Moreau and Anderson Santana de Oliveira – Rewrite Based Specification of Access Control Policies

    Data protection within information systems is one of the main concerns in computer systems security and different access control policies can be used to specify the access requests that should be granted or denied. These access control mechanisms should guarantee that
    information can be accessed only by authorized users and thus prevent all information leakage. We propose a methodology for specifying and implementing access control policies using the rewrite based framework Tom. This approach allows us to check that any reachable state
    obtained following an access granted in the implementation satisfies the policy specification. We show that when security levels are not totally ordered some information leakage can be detected.

Phd Thesis

My thesis defense will be on March 31st, in LORIA. For more information about the thesis check  this page:

FMSE’07 presentation slides

The file below contain the slides of my talk at the FMSE workshop.