SAP Network Blog: Security Vulnerabilities Detection and Protection Using Eclipse

In an effort to bring back this blog to life, I would like to share with you the outstanding work from Gabriel Serme together with Paul el Khoury and Marco Guarnieri. Gabriel is a PhD candidate at SAP research working with me on the CESSA Project. He delevopped a tool to detect and to correct in a semi-automated manner web application vulnerabilities using aspect-oriented programming.
Plese check his blog post for more details:


Phd Thesis

My thesis defense will be on March 31st, in LORIA. For more information about the thesis check  this page:

FMSE’07 presentation slides

The file below contain the slides of my talk at the FMSE workshop.

Security Conferences

There are close deadlines for submitting papers to two important conferences on computer security, in particular, on access control: January, 8th is the deadline for SACMAT 2007, and February 5th is the deadline for CFSW.¬† For other conferences on security, check this the Carrie Gates’ site.